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Who are we, what do we do and why we are called JALSA?

Since April 2003 JALSA (UK) LTD have been using 28 years of experience in the airfreight industry to provide an unequalled and dedicated service to the public, agents and airlines alike. Set up as the very first electronic customs bureau to facilitate the export of family pets and to start them on their journeys to their new homes all over the world. 

Conveniently based at Heathrow, working with a second to none knowledge of customs procedures as well as being IATA trained in Live Animals Regulations our experience and knowledge is your peace of mind. Indeed our mission statement sums us up perfectly and that is “we go above and beyond to provide a caring and fair service. 

And finally…why are we called 'JALSA'? Why not 'pet shipper this' or 'pet travel that'? We are a family business and 'JALSA' is an acronym from the initials of our first names and far more congenial, original and unforgettable. 

Should you need any further information on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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