Just to let you know that Ella is settling in just fine in our triangle house in the countryside. Thank you so much Jim, you made the entire process easy from my perspective and will be recommending you if not using you again! Have a lovely weekend. Please thank Alex too, he was a pleasure to speak to before I went out there,
regards Rachel Bryant.
Dear Alex and Jim,
Thank you very much for your help and patience on assisting me and taking care of my fluffies. Cory and Melody arrived in good shape and have been loud for hours
which is a very good sign of their good health.
They are now asleep :)
I Just wanted to thank you guys for Max’s smooth transition over from New Zealand.
He is happy running round the local beaches x x
“Hi Jim, Just a quick email to let you know that our dear Jamee is very well and appears to be happy in her new surroundings. We were most grateful to you and Monique for ensuring that everything went smoothly. As promised, I have attached a couple of photos of Jamee. Kind regards.

“Thank you jalsa for your professional
help and care with my cat, Pickoo . You were truly caring bringing my cat over from dubai. big thanks.
“ Hi Jim, Lucy now in Auckland, in good form and eating well.
Many thanks again for all your help.
Bob Oates
“ Hi, I just wanted to thank you, Jim, and all at Airport Pets for taking such good care of Pushkin during her recent adventures. Once we’d collected her from Heathrow, after her diversion to Manchester, she had to face a 7 hour drive before we could all relax. She has settled into her new home with no problems at all. Once again, thank you all. Kind regards
Sandra ( Surrey, England )
“We really want to get across that Jim Connolly is an amazing asset to Jalsa UK. We would certainly recommend Jalsa to anybody transporting animals. Please keep up the great work; it is really appreciated, and does not go unnoticed.
Rory and Dean,
owned by Raiko, Scooby and Jeremy.
Dear Anita and Alex,

I’d like to thank you both for the amazing, stress-free export and arrival of my precious cargo, who have settled in as if they had always been here. I’ll be recommending your services to everyone in future.
I’ve attached a handful of photos of the furry ones in their new environment i.e. the furniture. We, of course, have now been relegated to the floor ;-)
With many thanks and warmest regards,
Just want to say a massive thank you to all your staff in making Roxy’s journey from new Zealand to the UK a complete stress free journey.
Hi Monique
It’s nearly a month now that Purrl and I have been in the UK. She has settled in well although does like sleeping in the wardrobe! The Feliway diffuser has helped and she has been spending more time in the lounge especially it seems, now that I have a TV!
The process through Heathrow was remarkably fast and Jim from Jalsa was fantastic to deal with...even going so far as to show us to a local pub for lunch, while we waited for Purrl.
Thank you Monique for your wonderful service. You were just marvellous to deal with at such a stressful time and you made the process that much easier. I really cannot thank you enough or speak highly enough of your service. You truly are a star.....patient and genuinely caring.
I am more than happy for you to use these words on your website.
Kind regards
Jennie Hill
Hi Jim!
Thanks for your understanding and patience!
Our “star” is home safe and sound, he didn’t seem to stress the travelling at all.
Thanks for your help!
Best regards
Riitta & Thomdy Dom’s Lugano
Jim was fantastic to deal with; he rang me few times that day to keep me informed of the clearance procedure; he emailed forms within moments of saying he would, and he made the whole process simple.
I cannot compliment Jim Connolly enough; that man was wearing wings that day as he really was like an angel sent to me. Jim cares about animals and customers, and he even gave my nephew (who was going to pick up cats at LHR) his mobile number as it would be after office hours for Jim, when the cats were being picked up. Jim certainly went the extra mile.
I really want to get across that Jim Connolly is an amazing asset to Jalsa UK. I would certainly recommend Jalsa to anybody transporting animals. Please keep up the great work; it is really appreciated, and does not go unnoticed.
- Jackie H
I spoke with Alex today, and he is one of the nicest and most helpful people I have spoken to, with regards to an enquiry. Lot’s of information, calm and kind voice and really cares about his job and the animals. Even if the company cannot help, they provide you with the best information to help you and your animal out. I will definately recommend this company to friends and I hope it continues to flourish. Thanks Alex so much.
- Sarah
Thank you for your lovely follow up email.Molly and Gretal are doing great; they have embraced country living! It is very apparent that JALSA staff members are animal lovers. I still thank my lucky stars that Jim rung me and put my mind at ease. The cats are home just over a month now and I am still smiling when I come home, after work, and they are here. I had dreadfulthoughts that day that I would never see them again. When Jim rang me, the reassurance he offered was more than money could ever buy - Jackie