“Pet travel”, “pet shipping”, “ship my pet” - terms you may have put into Google in order to get the information you need as you have taken the life changing decision to ‘up sticks’ and the wheels are in motion for a fresh start abroad; but, for many of us moving our families does not just involve people and that’s where the services of JALSA UK come into their own.  Whether it be a cat, dog or ‘Gary the Goldfish’ our pets are part of our extended family and we wouldn’t be without them. With us you can be assured that whether your pet has fluff, feather or fins they will be able to join you wherever you’re moving to, making sure you have your creature comforts with you, wherever you are in the world. 


Exporting your pet from the UK

Emigrating with your pet/s is no longer a convoluted, problematic process. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the Export/Import Industry, meaning we can deal with everything from crates to customs and in fact advise on the whole process needed for the successful and trouble free carriage of your pet. We provide you with a whirlwind of organisation at Heathrow and all ports throughout the UK; we will have everything covered to help make you and your pets’ relocation as painless as possible. All this without bombarding you with a confusing website full of links and text to read, in fact we keep any necessary links here, making everything easy to find on one page. 


                                                     Importing your pet into the UK

We can also help with bringing your pets into the UK; if you’re relocating back to the UK we will act as a liaison between the airlines, the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) and of course you to make sure your pet/s get back safely. Prior to your pet, or pets arriving safely, we would already have sent you the information you need for you to come and collect them. This will be from the HARC or as agreed, delivery from us to you - just discuss your requirements with our team and they can make it happen. 



So, how do we get started?

You can either call us on +44 (0) 208 751 6171 or email us at pets@jalsauk.com.
Alternatively please click on the appropriate import or export quote button which are available on every page of our site. 

JALSA Pet Travel Specialists are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), ATA (Animal Transportation Association) and are also an approved DEFRA Transporter of Live Animals, so you know we are experts at what we do. After all - we are pet owners ourselves and our glowing customer testimonials are further evidence that your pet’s welfare will always be the highest of our priorities, so you can relax and take a breath, knowing ‘Gary’ is in safe hands.