As from the 1st of April 2017 new customs procedures are now in place for pets entering the UK.

All non-EU pet owners must now fill out the Transfer of Residence form (ToR) which can be found here 

Non-EU pets arriving without the above mentioned approved ToR application will be liable to VAT.

Owners/shippers import instructions form here

More information to follow but please get in touch via our contact page for further assistance.


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We are able to perform and assist in all UK clearance procedures, including Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), Quarantine and Commercial. All of these UK Customs and Defra procedures are completed in house.


Why would my pet be considered a commercial import?

Below we have listed reasons why the UK and indeed the EU would class your pet as a commercial import.

  • You have owned your pet for less than six months. This includes transfer of ownership whether a rescue, gift, purchased or passed on from a family member.
  • If your pet is less than 6 months old.

If any of the above apply then you will be liable to pay import VAT.
If you are at all unsure please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 208 751 6171 or email


Few quarantine Kennels and Catteries perform their own import clearances. We are able to perform this for them.



Whenever possible, this is the best method to import your pet. It should be hassle free and speed up the time of clearing your pet through customs, which in turn means you get your hands on them that much more quickly for that long awaited cuddle. We have a list of partner agents from around the world that would be willing to assist you in preparing the paperwork and shipping to us for a quick and hassle free clearance.



If you are not able to attend the HARC or just prefer otherwise, we are able to deliver your pet to where ever you wish. For a quote please provide a UK postcode when contacting us. 

JALSA (UK) LTD are Defra licensed pet transporters. Authorisation No. UK/REIGA/T100088221